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We need both monetary, physical good and time donations to help our project and organisation thrive. Please contact us for further details. 

Making a difference in the lives of an elderly, is only a donation away!

Your Generous Donation to Elder’s Voice KZN will go towards:

- Supplying Nappies and Toiletries to elderly

- Serving hot meals to elderly in our programs

- Supplying of emergency medication, doctor visits and relocating abused elderly.

- Supplying and supplementing elderly groceries for those who live below the breadline


The quality of our programs could not be possible without our fundraising efforts, corporate and private sponsors and donations.

Donation Wish List:


Please see our facebook posts for up to date wish lists. 


We always can do with goods on the list below to help take care of our residents and wider elderly communities:

- Groceries

- Nappies

- Linen Saver

- Groceries

- Cleaning goods

- Toiletries

- Toilet Paper

- Puzzles and Craft Goods

- Clothing especially Sleepwear as many elderly remain in bed due to illness

- Slippers

- Walkers, wheelchairs, crutches

- Medical supplies, bandages, bedsore ointments.

- Over counter meds, ie: Rennies, Vapour rub, ointments etc.

elderly lady doing puzzle

Banking details:

The Elders Voice KZN

First National Bank

Account Number: 62745998578

Branch code: 220127




elderly couple waking holding hands


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